Our Showroom

The Bridgewater showroom is located in a beautiful restored building in the heritage quadrant of Gateshead.

The showroom offers an inspirational experience for you to view our full range of handmade kitchens, besoke bathrooms and design options.  

  • Showroom Gateshead Newcastle

    Showroom Gateshead Newcastle

    Newcastle Kitchens

  • Title


    Newcastle Kitchens

  • Bridgewater wine rack

    Bridgewater wine rack
  • Newcastle Bathrooms

    Newcastle Bathrooms

    Handmade Bathrooms

  • Bridgewater kitchen cupboard

    Bridgewater kitchen cupboard

    Newcastle Kitchens

  • Our Showroom

    Our Showroom

    Newcastle Kitchens

  • Bridgewater Neptune furniture

    Bridgewater Neptune furniture

    Kitchens Newcastle

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